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ABS full body IPX7 waterproof, can be used at the same time in the shower, or you can directly wash the electric toothbrush with water to clean it. Streamlined body, non-slip design, not easy to take off during use.

Special small brush head for deep cleaning of dead corners in the mouth. The electric toothbrush uses DuPont food-grade nylon bristles. The bristles are specially rounded to safely clean and massage your gums. FDA certification

The toothbrush head is replaceable. We recommend replacing the toothbrush head at most every 3 months to maintain hygiene. We give away two extra toothbrush heads, which is equivalent to 3 high-quality toothbrushes, the price is very affordable.

The electric toothbrush vibrates at 23,000 times per minute and is suitable for use by adults and children. Elderly and children's teeth are fragile, and dentists recommend vibration frequencies suitable for less than 25,000 beats per minute.

Unique weak current drive technology, long standby time, one AAA battery can be used for more than 90 days (requires own battery). Even used batteries removed from children's toys or alarm clocks can last more than 1 month.

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