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About This Deal

❤MADE OF HYPOALLERGENIC AND SAFE MATERIAL-MEDICAL GRADE SILICONE .Only one colour is available of our menstrual cups cause we refuse to add any colorant and additives to keep it approach it’s original color during the production process. So,Rest assured its quality and let it be your first-pick in all of your personal care products.

❤BETTER ALTERNATIVE TO PADS AND TAMPONS .No more monthly stash of disposable “stuff”,just one reusable cup and you’re all set. If you have had an experience of dryness or itch by using sanitary napkin,then, i think you should try it.So,let's begin a healthy feminine life from this amazing period cup.

❤TWO SIZE(LARGE&SMALL)of Freel menstrual cups and no matter which size you choose,it could collect your blood flow perfectly.Our Menstrual cup will need to be changed twice on the light days and maybe 4 times a day on the heavy menstrual days. This will depend on your individual menstrual flow.

❤EXTRAORDINARY FIRST EXPERIENCE.The Freel cup is accessible as well as durable cause it’s compose of pure natural silica gel with good softness and toughness.It could be folded effortlessly and inserted easily which do the perfect for the fresh user.

❤INTEGRATION INTO LIFE PERFECTLY.Freel menstrual cup applies any social activity.It will not bring you inconvenience,you can’t even feel it.So, this cup is suitable for any scene of your daily life, from swimming to Hiking or just sleeping overnight.

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