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标准尺寸:我们的篮球网有 12 个环,总长 21 英寸,适合所有标准尺寸的篮球边缘。

材质:采用优质最厚的聚丙烯纤维制成,特点:无污染。 高强度,耐磨和抗拉强度。我们的网非常适合室内或室外篮球边缘。 我们的网可以承受任何类型的天气条件和经常拉动和悬挂,伴随日常游戏玩法。

ANTI-WHIP NET:我们的防鞭子技术有助于防止我们的网子与轮缘打结,同时保持其灵活性,提供完美击球的甜蜜挥动声音!

易于安装: 12 个环形设计使得它非常容易安装和更换在任何标准尺寸的篮球边缘上。 安装只需几分钟!

满意保证:如果您对我们的网络的高质量不是 100% 满意,请直接申请退款,我们将全额退款,绝对无条件退货! 100% 无风险购买我们的网!

  • STANDARD SIZE: Our basketball nets feature 12 loops and measure 21 inches in total length to fit all standard-sized basketball rims.

  • MATERIAL:Made from the highest-quality and thickest Polypropylene fibers,Features: no pollution. high strength, abrasion resistance and tensile resistance.our nets are ideal for both indoor or outdoor basketball rims. Our nets are made to withstand any type of weather conditions and the constant pulling and hanging that comes with regular gameplay.

  • ANTI-WHIP NET: Our anti-whip technology helps prevent our nets from getting tangled with the rim whenever the ball goes in the hoop, all while maintaining its flexibility to provide that sweet swish sound of that perfect shot!

  • EASY TO INSTALL: The 12 loops make it extremely easy to install and replace on any standard sized basketball rim. It only takes a few minutes to install!

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