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☼【无线充电器和手机支架】:2 合 1 设计,无线车载充电器支架将双重功能结合在一起:手机支架 + 无线充电。 为手机提供快速充电。告别凌乱的电缆,再见传统的手机支架。

☼【智能自动夹紧】:自动开合和夹紧设计,单手操作。支架在手机靠近时就会自动打开,智能手机放入后就会被夹紧。轻轻触摸快速释放按钮的一侧,支架会自动打开。手机安装支架后,无线充电器会自动夹紧并为设备充电。当您的手机充满电时,手机车载支架将自动支架将自动自动固定。 关机和 PR


☼ 【手机壳友好与兼容性】:无需在充电时取下小于6毫米的手机壳,这款车载支架可以紧紧固定所有宽度为2-3.3英寸的手机,非常适合所有支持QI的手机。10W 快速充电适用于三星Galaxy S10 10+,S9 9+,S8 8+,S7 7 edge,Note8 快速 7.5W 适用于 iPhone 等设备充电(快速充电需要 QC 3.0 适配器)。

☼【您将收到】包装内容:1 * 无线车载充电器;1 * USB C 充电线;1 * 旋转通风口夹;1 * 用户手册。如果您需要质量、舒适性和可靠性,请选择 Moskee 。 无忧的客户服务,如果您对 moskee 设备有任何疑问,请联系我们,立即获得个人支持和客户满意度。

  • ☼【Wireless Charger & Phone Holder】:2-IN-1 Design,Wireless car charger mount combines dual function together: Phone holder + wireless charger . Offer fast charging for your phones .Bye to messy cable, bye to traditional phone holder.

  • ☼【Smart Automatic Clamping】: Automatic opening and clamping design which can be operated with one hand.The mount will open automatically just when the phone close to , then it will be clamped after smartphone in.Gently touch behind side of the quick release button, the holder will open automatically.After phone in the mount, the wireless charger will automatically clamp firmly and charges the device.When your phone is fully charged, the Cell Phone Car Cradles will automatically power off and pr

  • ☼【Strong Suction Cup & Adjustable Viewing】The wireless car charger holder which can be installed on the windshield, dashboard,table securely with the strong suction cup .The fully 360-degree rotation the adjustable arm allows for optimum viewing .What's more, a ventilation holder are equipped, allowing the charger to be flexibly mounted on the car air vent.

  • ☼ 【Phone Case friendly & Compatibility】:No need to remove phone casewhich less than 6 mm while charging,The car holder can hold all phones with a width of 2.2-3.3 inch tightly, which works very well for all QI-enabled phones.10W fast charging for Samsung Galaxy S10 10+,S9 9+, S8 8+, S7 7 edge, Note8, while 7.5W fast charging for iPhone and more (QC 3.0 adapter is required for fast charging).

  • ☼【What you'll Get】Package Contents:1* The wireless car charger;1* usb c charging cable;1*Rotary Air Outlet Clip;1* User Manual.Choose Moskee if you demand quality, comfort, and reliability. Worry-Free customer service, If you have any questions about moskee equipment, please contact us for immediate personal support and customer satisfaction.

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