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# 价值手工刺绣套装:全系列刺绣入门套件,包括所有刺绣工具;只需这套套装,您就可以完成漂亮的刺绣。

#每种设计植物部件:布料上有彩色部件,为起步者提供绝佳帮助。 完成后图案可清洗。

#透明欧根纱刺绣设计,流行优雅花朵系列,让您的作品更加独特。 竹制刺绣箍有一个螺丝,您可以根据需要调整松紧度

#包装内容:3 件竹绣花环,彩色丝线,3 件白色棉经典 Aida 印有印花图案,刺绣针,3 件说明书。

#流行针刺绣套装礼物:送给您的家人、朋友的精美包装和合适的礼物;完成的 DIY 刺绣绣,真的是一件有意义且特别的礼物

  • #Valuable Hand Embroidery Set: full range of embroidery starter kit with all the tools you need to embroider; Just with this set, you can finish a pretty embroidery.

  • #Per-design Plants Partten: There is colored partten on the cloth, which will provide great help to starter. And the pattern can be washed off after you finish.

  • #Transparent organza embroidery design, popular and elegant flower series, make your work more unique. The bamboo embroidery hoop has a screw that you can adjust the tightness you want when necessary

  • #Package Content: 3 pcs bamboo embroidery hoop, Color Threads, 3 pc white cotton classic reserve aida with stamped pattern on it,embroidery needles, 3 pcs instructions.

  • #Popular Needlepoint Kit Gift: A nice package and appropriate gift for your family, your friends; Finished DIY embroidery with your friedns or your kids is really a meaningful and special present

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