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【2 In 1 Food Saver Vacuum Sealer】Our HeiYi vacuum sealer for food has 2 optional modes “Dry and Moist”. You can choose the mode according to your food type before using this vacuum sealer machine. If you choose the "moist mode", please drain the excess liquid from the bag before vacuuming, otherwise it may affect the use of the product.

【5-level Temperature Control】The food vacuum sealer has 5 different levels of temperature control that you can choose. Levels 1, 2, and 3 are used for dry pumping heating, and levels 4 and 5 are used for wet pumping heating. The more lights are on, the higher the temperature and the longer the sealing time.

【Automatic Vacuum Sealing Functions】When the button "VAC/SEAL" is pressed, the food vacuum sealer machine will automatically pump the air out of the bag and then seal it. When the indicator light stays on, it indicates that it is pumping. When it flashes, it means it is being sealed. You can press the "SEAL", "VAC" or "VAC / SEAL" button while the automatic function is working, then the vacuum sealer will stop.

【Supports Manual Sealing】You can press the "SEAL" button for the manual sealing function. In order to ensure the sealing effect of vacuum sealer bags for food saver, you should press both sides of the upper cover of the vacuum bag with both hands when single sealing.

【Supports Manual Pumping】You can press the "VAC" button to operate the vacuum pump. When the button is released, the vacuum pump will stop pumping air. Therefore, it is easy to adjust the pumping pressure according to your needs.


HeiYi Food Saver Vacuum Sealer Machine with 15 Pcs Food Vacuum Sealer Bags built-in Dry and Moist Modes

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Warning tips of using this vacuum sealer for food

  • 1. To avoid permanent damage to the vacuum sealer machine caused by overheating, the machine shall rest for the 60s after each operation.

  • 2. The food vacuum sealer machine shall not be used continuously more than 5 times, after that it shall rest for 5 minutes, otherwise, it will cause permanent damage to the machine.

  • 3. After using it, please put the support card back into the vacuum chamber. Do not cover the upper cover completely, otherwise it will cause permanent deformation of the gasket and affect its use.

Details of The Food Vacuum Sealer Machine

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Dry and Moist Mode Vacuum Sealer

  • Levels 1, 2, and 3 are used for dry food, and levels 4 and 5 are used for moist food. Please drain the excess liquid from the bag before vacuuming for moist food, otherwise it may affect the use of the product.

External Vacuum Function

  • You can connect the external vacuum tube with the air intake to achieve the external extraction function. Preserve the freshness of food, juice, and wine, etc in the vacuum container or wine bottle.( vacuum tube not included)

Up to 14.2in Sealing Strip

  • Our vacuum sealer machine for food has a built-in 14.2-inch sealing strip, you can seal a large vacuum bag or seal two 6-inch vacuum bags at the same time.

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How to Use The Vacuum Sealer for Food ?

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food vacumm sealer

food vacuum sealer

food vacuum sealer

  • 1. Plugin the power and pull both side buckles in the direction of the arrow and push the top cover away.

  • 2. Drain the excess liquid from the bag ( for moist food )and Flatten the food bag and Put the end of the bag into the vacuum chamber.

  • 3. Close the top cover, select the correct Dry or Moist Mode setting before starting the process.

  • 4.You can choose the seal, vac, or vac seal button that you want, then the machine will start work.

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What is in the package?

1*Vacuum Sealer Machine

15*Vacuum Bags(20*25cm/7.9*9.8in)

1*AC Power Cable

1*User Manual

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