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Functions: Reflect and filter harmful blue light, continuously protect eyes, good transmittance, minimize color changes

Effect: Relieve eye fatigue from long-term reading or gaming, greatly reduce eye pain and headache, and improve sleep quality

Design: The thick line frame is more suitable for the stereoscopic face shape, and the round design will bring you a different style experience

Service: Good service is our pursuit, no matter any problem, we will do our best to solve for you, until you are satisfied.

Others: Packaged exquisitely and comes with testing accessories. It is also a good choice to give it to a friend as a gift for health.

Edris Blue Light Blocking Glasses: Improves Your Digital Life
Over 7 hours a day in front of digital screens such as computers and smartphones, exposes you to harmful blue rays, causing eye strain, blurred vision, red eyes, migraines and sleep deprivation.
The lens helps to
Enhance visual comfort with improved contrast & reduced eye strain
Eliminates glare with premium AR
Ultra-light frame, stylish and comfort design
Value pack with free eyeglasses case, cleaning cloth, blue light blocking test kit included
Relieve digital eyestrain with blue light blocking lens
Prolonged exposure to high-energy visible (HEV) blue light can lead to eye strain and blurred vision.Edris blue blocker lenses reflect and filter the blue light emitted in artificial light.
Greater durability with advanced coating technology
Cutting-edge lens coating technology, the multi-layer coating is combined into a single layer, which increases the surface hardness of the lens, prevent scratches and abrasion while reflecting harmful light, making it thinner and durable.
Virtually clear with high light transmittance
Edris lenses comes with a anti-reflective coating, the clear blue-light-blocking lenses with only a slight tint.
Ergonomic design:
Suitable for all kinds of nose type, you will not feel pressure to wear and more comfortable, the frame will not slip off easily.
The weight of the Edris glasses is 50% lighter than ordinary glasses, as light as a feather, no feeling of wearing.
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