Solar Lights Outdoor, Bensnail 12LED Motion Sensor Light Waterproof all Weather Bright Security light for Yard Garden Patio Deck Driveway Pathway Door (4-Pack 2017 Version)


About This Deal

Waterproof and Heatproof: solar lights outdoor are suitable for most of weather and durable enough to withstand different weather conditions for long lasting lighting.
High-efficient Charging: 6-8 hours of sunlight fully charges,12 super bright LED lights are built into each light, led solar light giving max-brightness and illumination for family's safety and security at night.
Sensitive Sensor: motion activated security light has a sensing range of up to 10 feet with a 120 degree sensing angle. During the day they absorb sunlight and at night automatically come on when motion is sensed.
Quick and easy installation. They only take seconds to minutes to install. No wiring necessary, go green and save on your electric bill with these solar powered outdoor security lights.
Solar panel life span: 5 years - LED Life Span - 50000 hours. Great outdoor motion sensor light for your garden, yard, pathway, porch, patio, or driveway etc.

Green and Saving:
Solar powered means no need to deal with wiring, no need to hire an electrician, and no drain on your electric bill.
Solar powered motion sensor lights are great for safety and security of your family and your home. The solar led lights are easy to install, so easy they can be installed in minutes.
Just install in a sunny place and let the sun power these lights for you. 6-8 hours of sun is enough to fully charge and power these lights for up to 12 hours.
After installing just use the key to turn on the first time and then you don't have to worry about lighting anymore.
These lights do the work for you. Never have to worry about remembering to turn security lights on again.

Intelligent and Broad Application:
At night these automatically come on when they sense motion and turn off after the motion stops.
During the day they detect light and stay off, while conserving and absorbing energy.
Solar motion light are great for walkways and path lighting, making it easy to see where you are walking at night and what may be in your path.
The bright solar lights can be mounted on the wall next to your door so you can safely see to unlock your door or see who may be at your door.
Light up your patio or deck in case you want to step outside and enjoy your deck at night. Great for stairs so that you can safely see each step.

These security lights are great to prevent tripping hazards, know who or what is in your yard at night, stay safe when coming home or leaving at night,
and enjoy walking your pets at night without worrying about light.
No need to worry about the weather either because these solar flood light are durable and built to be waterproof and sturdy enough to withstand different weather conditions for long lasting bright light in any area you need light.
Great safety feature with an attractive sleek design that will definitely add a modern touch to any decor.    

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